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    Call Now For Fast Broken Key Removal in Clapham

    Your key just snapped inside the lock !? Usually, a feeling of frustration and panic strike those who fall victims of this scenario. Give Eric's Locksmith one quick phone call though, and we’ll be able to provide broken key removal in Clapham that’ll take all of that worry and irritation away. Delivered by qualified and insured experts, this service gets you a locksmith to your door sometimes in as little as half an hour!

    Why Use This Service

    • Highly experienced locksmiths serving every address in Clapham
    • Full insurance cover provided on all services – as well as a six-month guarantee
    • Short-notice appointments sometimes available within thirty minutes – depending on time of day and your location
    • British standards of quality always achieved – the BS3621 on locks being the most important
    • Call to set up your appointment 24 hours a day

    How We’ll Get Your Snapped Key Out of the Lock

    The methods we use are designed to be non-destructive. This usually means using a special hooking device to extract the broken part of the key without doing any additional damage.

    It won’t matter how the key came to be broken off in the lock, or what type of locking mechanism you have in place. We’ll be able to get you back into your property with ease and can often also supply a new key when required. We can investigate what caused the breaking, it might be because of a crack in your key or a malfunctioning in the lock itself. In that case, we can perform a lock repair service on the spot in order to prevent problems in the future.

    Book With Us When You Want:

    Swift action in case of emergency! When you use our broken key services we:

    • Can take your call at any time of the day, and throughout the night time too
    • Will arrive whenever you need us to, any day of the week
    • Provide a free quote without obligation over the phone
    • Offer emergency appointments which can start in as little as thirty minutes!

    Your Broken Key Removal Specialist in Clapham

    The expert we send to your door will have been handpicked out of our team of qualified locksmiths in Clapham. They’ll be equipped with everything they require to get you past any broken lock or jammed key without needing to cause further damage to the lock in question. All of the work they deliver is fully insured, and each is vetted and DBS checked so you can rely on the service they deliver.

    Min Response Time